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I spent 17 years at Daluca and I am so thankful for everything the dance school taught me - not only the technique and performance skills, but also confidence and drive for everything I have done during and since leaving Daluca. Virginia is an amazing teacher who truly believes in every one of her students and alongside that I have made friends for life. I was able to experience so many great things and created lots of memories which will stay with me forever and this is all down to my time at the dance school


I started dancing at Daluca when I was 2 and a half years of age and I quickly became part of the Daluca family. As well as our show we have performed at fetes, festivals and the St George's Day Parade raising money for charity, learning routines and working together as a team. 

Virginia inspired us all to see our abilities and increase our skills. She has been able to highlight each of our talents with her beautiful choreography. She supported us all to learn and to develop a dedication and strong work ethic in a fun environment. 

As well as being able to take part in competitions, dance in troupes, duets and performing solos in Ballet, Lyrical and Modern dance. We all worked hard and had tremendous fun. Most of all I made friends for life and I know I will always love to dance. 

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I trained at Daluca from a very young age, up until the age of 18. I then went on to study performing arts professionally as did many of my peers. If it wasn’t for Daluca and our incredible dance teacher Virginia, I wouldn’t have found my love for dance.

From the very first ballet and tap classes to performing my last jazz solo at the dance school, Virginia has been right behind me all the way and I will always be thankful for the support she gave me and continues to give me now. It really does show how dedicated and caring she is to her students.

The many different classes, the teachers and all the students are amazing. There are so many opportunities to perform and take part in at Daluca,they do so much for all of the students to make everyone feel included and push them to to be the best they can be. The family atmosphere that Daluca has created is such a great environment for young dancers to grow and learn in. Everyone has respect and a kindness for eachother, which is so important as it makes the classes so much more enjoyable and comfortable to be a part of.

I owe a lot to Daluca, it has given me a life long passion and I am very thankful I trained there!


Daluca Dance School is a great dance school with a very friendly atmosphere. The lessons, exams and dance shows helped me gain a lot of confidence and resilience whilst also being great fun. I would highly recommend. 

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Daluca was my second family. I am so grateful for the opportunities it gave me and loved every second I spent there. 

It helped me grow into the person I am today, gave me confidence, friends for life and memories I will never forget. 

Lucy B

Daluca has given me some of the best years and moments of my life. It has given me memories and friends I will have forever. I started Daluca at such a young age, I grew up there, I grew up with the girls and Virginia and they have had such an amazing impact on my life. You could take your child anywhere to dance, there are other dance schools around.


It’s not just about the dancing. It’s about everything else, the environment, the people and the place. That’s what matters the most and Daluca offers you everything. I know it’s cliche to say it was like a family but it truly is. The girls from my class and all of the adults (teachers and mums) became my family. Everyone is there to support you. The mums were always there to be your seconds mums and give advice and the girls were there to be your friends in and out of class.


I’m so glad I went to Daluca and was so sad when I left, that’s why I visit when I can as I don’t want to properly leave. Daluca will always be with me and I couldn’t be more grateful to have it in my life and to have been a part of it.

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I joined Daluca when I was 15 years old and immediately felt welcome by everyone. The teaching is outstanding and helped me to get into my dream performing arts college. 

I loved my time at Daluca, everyone there is so friendly and it is such a lovely environment to learn and grown in. 

Lucy T

Daluca Dance School was where I spent every Saturday and Tuesday as a child up until the age of 18 and I would never change a single moment of my time with the school. The friends, the dances, the skills and life that I built from Daluca has helped shaped me forever and I will never forget that ❤️

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